P-square says this is why they don’t do radio interviews

Superstar twins, P-square haven’t had a radio interview since the last one they granted in 2011 on Beat FM.
Peter and Paul Okoye say the reason for this is their busy schedule and also, a deliberate attempt to avoid overt exposure.

Three years after their last radio appearance, the pair were guests on Beat FM again, on the ‘midday show’ with Tolu “Toolz” Oniru.

When queried about their lengthy radio-hiatus, they answered saying, “We are quite busy and we don’t really have much time.”

They also revealed that they endeavour to be scarce in the public space. “Then again, we feel it’s good to make ourselves scarce so people will miss us and not just show up everywhere, every time,” they added.

P-square is expected to release their 6th studio album, ‘Double Trouble’, on 12 September. The record is hugely anticipated by fans, following collaborations with Don Jazzy and American stars, T.I, Jermaine
Jackson, Dave Scott.

According to them, the new record has been long in the making. “This album has taken us 3 years to put together, we began work on it immediately we dropped our last album (Invasion).”

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