Calvary Light Church Bible School (@clcbconline) “Theological Studies”

Do you desire to fulfill God’s call for your life?

BIBLE  SCHOOL BANNER LANDSCAPERegister! Register!! Register!!!  Want to do something great for. God at this end time? Enroll at our bible school online. Visit: Tel: +2348037157762
Jesus is Lord forever.

At Calvary Light of Christ Bible Church, Our Vision is to positively impact your life by persuading you that, you are endowed with seed of greatness and that when you use what you have got, you can do great thing. Our Website has been designed to meet your needs both spiritual and physical from our Ministry links to the inspiring gallery, you always have your needs met no matter the age and that really shows you that God is at work here (Calvary Light of Christ Bible Church).

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Join us for any of our Services or send us a mail, and see how joyful and purposeful life can be because at Calvary Light of Christ Bible Church Total Recovery through Reconciliation with Christ is our watchword.


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