Update On University Lecturer Arrested By SSS for Boko Haram @OnlyUpDate

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The State Security Service on Wednesday paraded an assistant lecturer in Arabic and Islamic studies at the Kogi State University, Muhammad Yunus, for recruiting and coordinating a Boko Haram cell in Kogi State.

The SSS said Yunus, who is the spiritual leader, runs a terrorist group which comprised Umar Musa, head of operations/instructor; Mustapha Yusuf (aka Habib); armourer/chief courier, Ismaila Abdulazeez, a foot soldier; and Ibrahim Isah (a.k.a one in town), who is also a foot soldier.

Muhammed Yunus, a PhD holder, is however insisting that he is being set up by Boko Haram:
“I don’t have any link with Boko Haram, in fact I preached against them, that is why they have set me up. You can go to Jos and ask for my tapes, I preached against them. Islam doesn’t support blood-shedding and I don’t support it too.”
SSS Deputy Director, Media and Public Relations, Marilyn Ogar, while briefing newsmen, explained that the terror cell planned to launch attacks in Kogi State before they were apprehended.

She explained that until his arrest, Yunus had held several preaching sessions every last Saturday and Sunday of the month at Ethnosho Secondary School in Dekina LGA of the State where he had about 80 adherents.

Marilyn Ogar said the lecturer, who is a very active member of ASUU in the university, maintained extensive links with Boko Haram cells in Borno State where he referred some of his followers to terrorist training.

“In March 2013, he facilitated the trip of two of his adherents to Boko Haram’s Sambisa Camp in Maiduguri, Bornu State where they received training in weapon handling. They are Mustapha Yusuf and Ismaila Abdulazeez who are now under arrest. They were able to escape and returned back to him in August 2013, following the military invasion of the camp,” Ogar added.

The SSS spokesperson said Yunus holds a Masters degree from the University of Jos and a Ph.D in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Koki State University, in 2012.

The lecturer, Muhammad Yunus, is denying all the allegations of the SSS, insisting he is not a Boko Haram but his claim was punctured by Yusuf, Abdulazeez and Isah, who insisted that he had been teaching them about Jihad and how to exploit it to install Sharia in Kogi State.

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Should the SSS get the lecturer’s tapes to confirm his claims?


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