SECRETS EXPOSED: 6 Ways To Know If A Woman Will Be Good In Bed

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Ever wonder what a girl will be like in bed before you’ve slept with her? Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to tell – and no, we’re not talking about whether or not she deep throats her banana for breakfast.

According to experts, you can get serious intel about what your girl will be like between the sheets by looking at everything from the way she kisses to her favorite ice cream flavor.

Here are six key factors to consider:

1. She’s got swag in her step. Confidence is so sexy, and women who exude higher self-esteem in other arenas are likely to carry that confidence into the bedroom. But you can almost guarantee she’ll be a rockstar in the bedroom if you help give her a boost. Compliments can go a long way to put her at ease and encourage her to be an expressive and assertive lover.

2. She’s partial to cocktails. A recent study found that wine drinkers tend to be unadventurous and less likely to take risks, while vodka drinkers enjoy being in charge and independent. And here’s another not-so-shocking conclusion: tequila drinkers are “free spirited, outgoing and fun to be around.” Those sure sound like positive carnal qualities to us.

3. She appreciates food (and eats slowly). What this really means is that they are both primal and sensual experiences. A woman who delights in her meals and takes some time to savor the flavors may have an in-depth appreciation for carnal pleasure.

4. She licks this…type of ice cream. The same idea about food corresponding with sex rings true for her favorite type of ice cream. A study was conducted of 720 people, ages 24 to 59, to find out how ice cream flavors relate to personality. While other flavors corresponded with qualities like low-self-esteem and conservatism, It was found that coffee lovers tend to be dramatic, seductive and flirtatious.

5. She knows how to move her body. This might not come as a surprise, but athletes are often great in bed. Not only do sports breed confidence, but as we learn to appreciate and trust in our body’s performance, our connection to our physical selves intensifies. On top of that, physical endurance, coordination, flexibility and strength can come in handy when you’re hanging off the chandelier or getting creative in tight spaces!

6. She’s orally gifted. Pay close attention to the way she kisses-it might just give you cues about her sexual style when it comes to other “oral activities” (wink, wink). If kissing alone gets you all riled up, you can bet that her tongue and lips will be even more titillating on your most sensitive regions. But if that first kiss wasn’t perfect, don’t fret. Sometimes the excitement and nerves of the initial encounter can be so overwhelming that our performance suffers. As she becomes more comfortable, she’ll likely come out of her sexual shell. And what if she’s a gentle kisser? That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be sheepish in the bedroom. She might want to be a sweet submissive one day and then a dominating diva the next. Our sexual roles are always changing.


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