TLC Movie Premiere “Crazy SEXY Cool” Red Carpet: CDL Exclusive

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One of the greatest benefits of a red carpet is that not only do you get to meet other media outlets but you get to enjoy the fashion of the night. Last night as the NYC screening of VH1 original movie “Crazy Sexy Cool” did not disappoint in that area.
I must say I was surprised though that no one wanted to rock any 90s fashion galore. According to everyone fawning over Cressida Bonas I would have thought that particular style has made a revival. Sadly no one on the carpet got the message. No, they arrived sleek and ready to both party and impress but no in the way you would have thought. For instance it was the younger crowd that funnily enough remained covered while Chile (original TLC band member) and the movie’s very own Pebbles (Rochelle Aytes) flashed some skin. No wardrobe mishap occurred much to the frustration of the gentlemen next to me but Chile really should lay off of the low slit bodice. She’s been there and she’s overplayed that.
Which leads to other moments of frustrations. We were all excited to see the one and only Diana Ross. Saying she overshadowed everything to become the highlight would be understatement. Yet what really threw the cameras in a frenzy was when she showed up with family in tow. There was daughter (Rhonda Ross Kendrick), son (Evan Ross) and what is this a possible future daughter-in-law (Ashlee Simpson)! Everyone wanted a shot of the young couple standing there with mom’s approval but then another image came out. One that I was not aware of until later and which I wholeheartedly believe means nothing. Evan was snapped in a photo with another woman. One that wasn’t a family member. Sounds salacious when only the soundbite makes the rounds but he was posing with one of the stars of the movie.
Sure, Drew Sidora is a beautiful young lady but she’s also play T-Boz in the film. They could be friends or one of their PR people wanted to up the others’ profile. So let’s not make a big deal off of that. Make a scene over the women confirmed in his life and no one else.
Let’s talk about the interesting things that were real. Like the fact we saw T-Boz and Chile together again with family in tow. Did you know they released a new TLC song. Yeah I didn’t so imagine my surprise when I heard Ne-Yo actually was the one to write it. It’s titled “Meant To Be”.
I listened to it and I don’t know about it. In one aspect it made me miss left Eye like no one’s business and in the other I’m glad to hear the ladies I grew up with once again. In a way hearing their new track is is also why I and so many are excited to see and more importantly hear the new film. The band should have lasted longer, Left Eye should be alive today, and Peebles honestly should have been sued. Then again these are only opinions of a fan.
To experience a broad scope of what TLC meant to the world, don’t miss out catching “Crazy Sexy Cool”. It premieres on VH1 Monday, October 21 at 9PM ET/PT!


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