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When you are an entrepreneur, one of the most important things to make your business a successful one is to be surrounded by a valid, professional and reliable staff. Of course, it’s not always easy to find people that meet your requirements, so here are some tips to find the perfect employees.

First of all, choose wisely where you look for employees. If you’ve managed to put together your company’s website and have a careers section, make sure to post it there. If your company is pretty new and at the moment not a lot of people know of it, the best thing is to post an ad on career sites and even on the free-classifieds website. When you post your job vacancy make sure you write the specific needs you have for your business, whether it’s languages, computer skills, management or accounting be specific on the chores your potential employee would be responsible for.

Once you’ve made this clear, do not accept any resume that doesn’t present the skills you are looking for, so you won’t waste time on non-suitable candidates.

However, always remember that an employee can be trained. So if you think someone is perfect for your business, a part from one requirement, you can always decide to train them. The fact that your company will be the one to teach them the skills assures you that they’ll gain exactly the skills you need from them.

At the moment of the interview, look for ‘employees with swagger’, i.e. confident people. Indeed, you want to hire people who are confident that they can handle the task at hand. Other than that, there are many skills that are always very appreciated by employers all over the world, so it’s always important to check that out when you’re looking for the perfect employee.

Also, you want to surround yourself with innovative thinkers. Opt for visionary people. To understand if you are dealing with a visionary person, you can ask them questions regarding problem solving and innovation. You want someone who can turn any challenge in an opportunity.

Last but not least, the new hire should embrace the company vision and objectives. Also, they should be socially grounded and able to interact will all sorts of people, whether they are colleagues, or customers, and collaborate with them, or win them over.


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