Photo: “Sexual Harassment Chased Me Out Of The Movie Industry” – Nigerian Singer Reveal

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photo Gospel singer, Gloria Doyle, back in the days, made more name because of her outrageous dress style than her music.

She talks about her failed marriage and her music career in a recent interview;

You are now marketing a hotel; have you left your music career?

No. I have not left it. A friend of mine runs the hotel and I only help out to market it. We are trying to create awareness.

Now that you are into hospitality business, is it not taking your time?

If I tell you that it is not taking my time, I would be lying. It is taking my time but I am enjoying it.  I will still go back to the studios. My fans are saying that they need something from me.


There was a time your outrageous dressing stood you out. Is that chapter closed?

I am almost a grandmother. I am now a minister who ministers in churches. I now tell people that I have been there before. I am more mature now. Then, I think of my kids too. I need to put them into consideration as well.

Back then, you didn’t care at all, you didn’t consider these stuffs you are mentioning now.

I no even ‘send anybody’ even at the moment. It is just that I am more mature now.

How come you never acted?

Actually, I was auditioned last month. I was in the movie industry a long time ago. I did quite a number of movies before I left the industry because of sexual harassment. It was terrible. Some people felt I left because I couldn’t act. But that was a lie. I did some very good movies. Producers would tell me they would want to star me in a particular movie but I should come to a hotel first. I felt these were people I ordinarily wouldn’t have anything to do with them if not because of entertainment. They were now calling the shots and because you were desperate to become a star, you would give in. But I couldn’t do that. If you know your worth, you would definitely scale through. However, I invested my time writing movies. I am not a desperate person. I have the face. I was able to make my name. But I didn’t get to this level out of desperation. My greatest concern now and which has made me proud are my kids.

Do we see you getting married again, ever?

I am going to be a grandmother soon. Honestly, I was discussing this with somebody the other day. The person was telling me that I need to get married. My family tells me that I need to get married. Everybody is telling me that I need to get married. If you get me a husband, I will get married. I am not going husband-hunting. Some people carry it like a placard ‘I am looking for husband’ written on it. But that is not me. I am not desperate. I don’t want to do things out of desperation. If husband will come, he will come. For now, it is not my priority.


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