“Don Jazzy Is Really Hot, The Kind I Want In Bed” – Maheeda

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BellaNaija had this interview with Maheeda where she answered every question candidly. She also talks about her many semi nude pictures. and life as a married women. Read the interview below.

Will you be collaborating with any musicians in the near future?

Hopefully, I will be collaborating with a few musicians in the near future. I am currently begging a lot of them now. Since they have now passed my level, I want them to pull me up to theirs but them never answer me yet. Let’s see how the Nigerian music industry supports their own. At the end of the day though, if they don’t support me, I guess it’s just between me and my God then. And, my God is one who makes a way where it seems to be no way.
Who does Maheeda find sexy?

I think that Clarence Peters and Don Jazzy are really hot. I like the kind of guy that talks less but does more. If you apply that in bed, hmmm, it’s really sexy. I love surprises, in and out of bed. I want to be ‘wow’-ed. I want the guy to make me wander (laughs)
How would you feel if your daughter started putting up semi-nude photos on her own Instagram page?

My daughter is thirteen years old and well- trained. Schools in Europe teach sex education. They teach them what to do as a teenager and they also teach them what not to do. At home as well, I put more light into what the school has taught her. My daughter knows her limits and I am a happy mum. Some pastors’ kids end up always being in clubs and it’s by their choice. One thing I’ll just say is that children will make choices. We, as parents, can only pray that they make good ones.
 How has married life been?

Married life is like another school. I am learning how to love, how to forgive; how to share, how to care for and make love to someone who is imperfect, knowing fully well that you are not perfect yourself. I’m learning a lot. I’m also learning self control, forgiveness and faithfulness. It’s a big learning time for me. I just want to say that I thank God for my husband. He is my superman.
Since you got married last year, you’ve moved to Holland with your family. How has it been living there and what do you miss most about Nigeria?

Life in Holland is great. Apart from marrying a millionaire, the government has really made life easy for us here. So, honestly, I can say that I miss nothing about living back in Nigeria. 


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