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Once upon a time, a man would meet a woman, they’d exchange phone numbers, make a date and learn about each other by sharing experiences together. In today’s hyper-connected world of tweets and Instagram photos, we start learning about our potential mates the second they ‘friend’ us online often before we’ve even met them in person.

One benefit of digital courtship is that it gives you a chance to spot any red flags before you’ve invested any real time or effort with a new woman. For instance, if your new love interest has a mean streak, it’ll probably come out somewhere on her Facebook profile.

The same applies if she’s hung up on her ex or hits the bottle a little too often. Once you know how to spot the clues, you can decide if the woman you found online is really the type you’re looking for.

Here are some of the women you have to avoid on Facebook.

The overly dramatic girl: Cryptic, attention-seeking messages should tell you that the woman you’re interested in is likely passive-aggressive and high maintenance.

The insecure girl: A woman who posts about how ugly she feels either has serious self-esteem issues or is so desperate for praise that she’ll regularly fish for compliments on Facebook.

The heavy drinker: Sure, she sounds like a good time — the kind of girl who’ll lead a drunken singalong at a packed bar. But she won’t be nearly as cute when you’re cleaning vomit out of her hair or trying to win an argument with her while she’s drunk.

The spiritual catchphrase girl: We respect a woman who makes a concerted effort to improve herself. Peddling spiritual mumbo-jumbo in a status update doesn’t qualify in the same way that putting on a policeman’s uniform doesn’t make you a cop.

The ex stalker: Any mention of an ex-boyfriend should immediately freeze your intentions with a new girl. If she’s bashing her ex all over her profile, she hasn’t gotten over him. Move on.

The serial complainer: If the woman you’re wooing is so offended over a traffic jam that she needs to vent rage all over her Facebook, then she’s probably a serial complainer who gets off on being miserable.

The super-religious girl: Statuses that praise God tend to come from a woman who’ll never allow you to take the top spot in her heart. That spot belongs to God, and you definitely can’t compete with God.

The ultimatum giver: For some people, offering an opinion just isn’t enough. They need to follow it up with an ultimatum like, ‘If you agree with same-sex marriage, then go ahead and unfriend me right now!’ Do yourself a favour. Take the bait. Unfriend her.

The confrontational girl: Similar to the Ultimatum Giver, the Confrontational Girl seems to seek out and thrive on conflict. Any arguments with her will eventually boil down to who can scream louder and longer. You’ve been warned.

The Manic Pixie: Yup, she’s sweet and genuine. But, really, how long until her ridiculous level of excitement about every little thing starts to drive you insane? I mean, come on, seeing a purple butterfly is really not that random!


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