“She’s Always Asking For Sex And Has Aborted 3 Pregnancies” – Christ Embassy Church Pastor Seeks Divorce

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A pastor of Christ Embassy Church, Raphael Chibueze, has been granted divorce from his wife of 6 years.

It was revealed during court proceedings at Ogui Nike Customary Court in Enugu, Enugu State capital, that the marriage was dissolved following the couple’s resolve that they were tired of the union.

Chibueze tells the court that his wife, Uchenna is quarrelsome, disobedient and wayward.

He said Uchenna was a threat to his life while his family members and neighbours had always complained about her behaviour.

Chibueze also told the court that Uchenna was sexually insatiable, adding that it had been hell living with her.

Hear him:

“On a certain day, I refused to sleep with her when she requested because I was tired after returning from work.

“I pleaded with her to let us have it the next day but she refused,” he said.

Chibueze also accused his wife of aborting 3 pregnancies between 2009 and 2011 adding that she was not interested in having babies.

He added that Uchenna had packed all their property and left the house to an unknown destination.

In response to these accusation, Uchenna says her husband was always beating her and had refused to provide enough money for the upkeep of their only child, Favour.

She also claimed she ran away from home when she discovered that her husband wanted to use her for money rituals.

The chairman of the court, Mr Felix Agu, said it was clear that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved it.

Agu granted the custody of their child to her father, Chibueze, and ordered that the N3, 000 dowry be refunded.


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