NTS Rejoinder: In defense of May D’s ‘N150 million house’, by Paul Ojeih Jnr.

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Chilee Agunanna, is one aspiring journalist that I make bold to say I am very much acquainted with, from his days with Encomium Magazine as an entertainment writer and to his brief sojourn in Azuh Arinze‘s YES International magazine.

I am not surprised at the mode and manner in which his poorly written article attacked Mr May D‘s house acquisition, alas Mr Chilee’s article smacks of envy, jealousy and hatred, I found it so difficult trying to read and understand the garbage he was writing.

Mr Chilee got it all wrong by assuming that Mr May D lacks the financial capacity to purchase such luxurious abode hence his article. The advent of numerous blogs and social media out reach, has made it possible for artistes to get all the hype they need to push their career to the next level.

Mr May D did not confirm if he bought the house or not. He has not responded or refuted such purchase, and truly he does not need to, he owes no one any explanation for it is deemed as good image boosting and positive PR.

Mr Chilee knows better that sometimes it is better for artistes, celebrities not to respond to comments and issues that might be contentious. Mr Chilee goofed in his claim in which he stated that Mr May D can not afford such abode, Mr Chilee is not Mr May D’s bank manager neither does he know the true state of the artiste’s account, what if that house was gifted to to the artiste, what if a sponsor, a benefactor acquired that house for him, after all 2face Idibia and his wife got an SUV from the State Governor of Akwa Ibom and got a sports car form an anonymous Nigerian even though rumor has it that senator David Mark gifted that automobile to them.

The point I am trying to get across to Mr Chilee, is that showbiz is just showmanship, it’s all about glitz and glamour and the paparazzi, the cars, the watches, the women and all the entrappings of the good life.

Assumption they say is the mother of all goofs, in Nigeria anything is possible and so it is very possible that Mr May D bought that house.

As an aspiring journalist I expected Mr Chilee to go investigating and if possible seek for an interview with Mr May D instead of slandering the artiste that he smokes IGBO (Cannabis Sativa). I am sure that Mr Chilee if called by the NDLEA, cannot provide solid evidence that Mr May D consumes that substance.

Mr Chilee in this article is apparently mad at the kind of life he lives, having failed to make it as a blogger, a journalist, a Pr consultant and artist representative hence he takes shot at progressing artist such as Davido and Mr May D.

Journalism is all about providing facts; nothing more. And laying your facts bare on the table for readers to judge. In this article Mr Chilee did no such, instead he just declared war between himself and the artiste May D by calling him poor, broke and most especially a liar.

*Ojeih Jnr is General Managing Director Iris Medical foundation, Lagos.


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