NST: Nigerian Actress Request Guns And Bombs

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Controversial Nigerian-born porn star/actress, Judith Opara Mazagwu, a.k.a AfroCandy, in a recent post on Facebook called for the distribution of guns and bombs to everyone.

According to her, this will curb terrorism.

See what she wrote:

“Would it not be better to make guns and bombs available for everyone to carry them on the streets? I guess that would stop all these senseless killings of innocent people everyday. After all it’s only one head and one life we all have and I’ll make sure I get you before you kill me. Ah ah! there’s no more any safe place in the whole world all because some groups of people radicalize themselves and go on killing rampage for no absolute reasons.

“Please let people worship who or whatever they wanna worship and believe in whatever they want cos on the last day, God will not even ask what religion you belong to. Enough of it or there will be a revolution.”

Do you agree with her?


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