Kim Kardashian Abandoned by Kanye West: Kim Devastated as Kanye Walks Out (PHOTO)

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What the heck was Kim Kardashian thinking when she decided that Kanye West was fatherhood material? Seriously, we have heard for nearly a year that Kim pretty much set Kanye up to be a dad because she wanted a baby and a high profile guy to pick up the tab, but did she really think it would all work out just fine? If so her delusions have been interrupted by reality several times over the last few months. Kanye was so invested in his baby mama that he spent most of her pregnancy in Paris and I hope she didn’t think that seeing his child would really change him, because it certainly hasn’t.
According to the Oct. 7th print edition of In Touch Kanye has bounced out on Kim and Nori more often then not and has been completely away from his family for 33 days out of Nori’s short little life. Kim has honored Kanye’s wishes and lives like a shut in rather than taking her daughter out even to get fresh air and she now admits that her life pretty much sucks. She’s bored and lonely and misses all of the attention that she used to get. Plus Kim probably didn’t expect to have to be so hands on with her baby and according to In Touch she completely falls apart when playing the role of a single mother.
Also in the latest issue of In Touch you can read about Zac Efron’s addiction to Hillbilly Heroin and the double life it caused him to lead before finally getting help. Isn’t it about time Robert Pattinson moved on from misery princess, Kristen Stewart? Well it seems he has because the actor is finally being linked to another woman, 22-year old Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean Penn. The two have been spotted out and about in LA. Do you think it’s the start of a new romance or just a hot hookup? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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