NTS: Hillary Clinton Tells Huma Abedin To Divorce Anthony Weiner – Report

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Huma Abedin has had to stand by her cheating husband’s side, publicly humiliated and shamed, yet unable to leave for fear of losing her job. When the reports of Anthony Weiner‘s sexting scandal went viral, Huma stuck by him the first time. But when it happened again, it was surprising to see Huma stay again. But then, we realized that she pretty much had to choose between her pride and her job – and in this economy, can you blame her for picking a secure future?
However, Huma is very close to Hillary Clinton, who once went through the same thing with her husband, Bill Clinton. As we all know from Bill’s days in office, he wasn’t exactly the most faithful of husbands around. Alas, poor Hillary had to deal with a lot more public humiliation than Huma, but according to a new report from Radar, Hillary’s actually telling Huma to leave Anthony. Maybe she’s regretting her decision to stay with Bill after he cheated on her, or maybe she thinks Huma’s future isn’t as important as hers was. Because that’s what this is implying, isn’t it? She stayed with Bill because she had a shot at a big future in politics, even the presidency and has already enjoyed major government roles – but Huma shouldn’t stay with Anthony because her job doesn’t matter as much? I think that might be reaching, especially since Hillary’s reportedly already offered Huma another job.

Of course times change and their should be no reason that Huma’s future should be darker for divorcing the bum, right?  In fact wouldn’t you have more respect for Huma if she did leave the creepy Wiener.  What’s wrong with a divorced politician?
Do you guys think Huma should stay with Anthony or leave him? And do you think Hillary’s right in telling Huma to leave her cheating husband, something she never did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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