#TooSure Photos:BrymO gets new manager, boycotts Chocolate City to sign new deal

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He might still have contractual issues with his record label but BrymO seems to be moving on…

The Pop singer has apparently signed a new distribution deal with digital distribution company Spinlet. According to a tweet from Spinlet, the company will be digitally distributing BrymO’s next album.

The deal was signed some sometime last week, apparently without the knowledge of his current record label Chocolate City which he says he’s parted ways with.

A rep from Spinlet also confirmed the deal. When asked if they had contacted Chocolate City before the signing, the rep said no but then explained that it was an individual deal.

BrymO has also signed a deal with budding management company The Bail Music Company. Headed by long time friend Lanre Lawal, the company will now be handling his managerial affairs formerly managed by manager Samuel Lolo.

‘Yes I’m now working with BrymO. He’s been a longtime friend of mine‘, Lanre Lawal told NET over the phone, explaining that they hooked up some months ago. As per how Chocolate City would react to BrymO’s new deal with Spinlet, Lawal said he would rather not comment on that.

Chocolate City says they heard about the distribution deal signing and that they will be looking into the matter. To what extent we cannot tell. ‘We have instructed our lawyers to take appropriate action‘, Choc City boss Audu Maikori said, responding to our E-mail.

BrymO on May 28, 2013 announced he had parted ways with Chocolate City, the label which he signed with in 2011. Chocolate City insists the Pop singer is till signed to them.


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