#TooSure: Selly apologizes to boyfriend Praye Tieta on TV

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Evicted Big Brother The Chase housemate Selorm Galley is in the news again.

The former Ghanaian representative who only recently threatened to sue fellow housemate Nando for accusing her falsely, has made a public apology to her fiance Praye Tieta.

Selly made her apology on live TV when she was guest on The Late Nite Celebrity Show in Ghana.

The Ghanaian pleaded for forgiveness from her hip-life artiste boyfriend after her name was dragged in the mire for her alleged sexual relations with Tanzanian house mate, Nando.

She said, ‘I am very thankful for the opportunity given me. I want to thank my boyfriend, Praye Tietia and also use this opportunity to say I am very sorry (for all that happened)’.

Selly came under fire from outside the house, when she was caught on camera supposedly having sex with Nando.

Although she insists there was no sexual intercourse, the Tanzanian who himself has been kicked out of the show, says he contracted an STD from Selly..


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