#TooSure Photos: The return of Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga broke her hip this year and had to cancel her tour. She wisely took the opportunity to recede from the spotlight, having been a relentless force in entertainment for the better part of 4 years. It had gotten to the point where all the meat and eggs were just met with a shrug.

After almost half a year then, Gaga has returned. She’ll release a new album in the fall called ARTPOP. The first single is due out later this summer. She’s also working on some kind of installation with some renowned artists. So… Gaga is going Franco on us. Or Gaga was already Franco? I don’t know. I buy posters from Ikea.

Anyway, Gaga was out in New York yesterday. She went to a gallery for an exhibit in a silver dress, a blonde wig, and “natural” makeup. Earlier she stepped out in a brown wig and a black bra, at one point driving around with her feet out the window. My first thought when I saw those shots was – oh other people do that too?

You know, elevate your legs?


I have thick, muscular legs. In the morning, after they’ve been overnight in bed and I’ve farted out all the air in my body, and the blood isn’t all down there, it’s way more comfortable. They’re not swollen. After a few hours of sitting at a desk though, hanging below a chair, they expand. Whenever I can then, I lift them, at least to waist level. Sometimes I put them up against the wall, well above my head, lying down. I like to imagine the blood coming back up, even though that’s probably unlikely. Thing about Gaga is though, she could have easily sat in the back and had her legs across the seats. So maybe she wasn’t elevating her legs for bloat comfort. Maybe she was just, you know, being Gaga.


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