#TooSure: Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori Speaks on Jesse Jagz and Brymo Exit!

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Audu Maikori is the boss of the Chocolate City record label where BET Best African Act award winner, Ice Prince and rapper M.I are signed to. Also signed to the label is controversial Brymo, whose contract is yet to expire from the label. Jesse Jagz, brother to M.I was also part of the label until he exited a few months ago.

A few people had spoken, Jesse himself had stated reasons for his departure.

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Now, Audu Maikori explains Jesse’s departure from the label. He explains that Jagz’ lyrical contents and music videos, made executives believe he was ‘promoting drugs and nicotine in his music videos’ which was completely contrary to company policies.

Audu goes on to explain about Jagz wanting absolute control over his business and feels the dude was trying to rise above his ‘height’ to stamp his authority.

On Brymo’s issue, Mr. Maikori says that the young artiste felt he wasn’t getting enough attention from his label because Ice Prince Zamani was getting it all. The chairman claims the singer was just being too envious of the BET winner and wasn’t putting enough on the table to get the best he’d wished for. After all, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive”.

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