#TooSure Big Brother: Seven housemates in eviction battle!

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Lagos – Seven housemates find themselves in the eviction firing line this week after Monday night’s Big Brother: The Chase nomination show.

For some, it’s a new experience, while for others, some things never seem to change! Angelo , Fatima, Bimp & Cleo all make their first appearance on the chopping block this week, while serial nominee Pokello follows her countryman Hakeem and Nando onto the list yet again.

In the Ruby house, Fatima picked up 5 nominations – from Sulu, Feza, Oneal, Angelo and Annabel, who all just can’t seem to figure her out. Sulu said she had been giving the majority of housemates “the cold shoulder” while Feza  told Big Brother that the Malawian was “too tense” and “negative”. Head of House Elikem picked up 3 nominations, from Annabel, Oneal and Feza.

Natasha gets a welcome respite from the chopping block this week, having only picked up two nominations, the same number as Annabel, Feza and Oneal

Things are heating up for Pokello in the Diamond house, as she received 4 nominations from her housemates. Bimp, Beverly, Cleo and Nando all nominated her, with the undercurrent seemingly that she’s a strong contender.
Bimp and Cleo are first-timers on the nomination list, with three nods apiece.
Nando, who picked up 3 nominations himself, helped Selly find her way onto the nomination list – despite their close relationship.

With the nominations announced, it was time for the respective Heads of  House to make their ‘save & replace’ decisions. Ruby HoH Elikem had a fairly straightforward decision, in that he had to remove himself from danger. His replacement choice proved a bit trickier though, as the Ghanaian first named Oneal, before changing his mind and settling on Angelo as his replacement.

Diamond Head of House Melvin had a tough time in the Diary Room. The Nigerian chose to save Selly and replace her with Hakeem during an emotional session with Big Brother.


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