#TooSure: Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo says what she earns as an actress can fund her expensive lifestyle

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Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo has been linked to a governor, breaking Chidi Chikere’s marriage and recently a footballer. She has denied having anything g to do with either.

In this recent interview with PM news, she explains how she’s able to afford her expensive lifestyle. I.e, the 8million naira SUV she bought a while back

“I can only speak for myself. I have other businesses that I do by the side. But even if it’s just acting, what I earn can actually get me such car and even live well. Those saying all that, I am not sure they have gone to the market to see the number of movies I have done in the last one year. I have done a lot. In January alone I shot five movies. Even if I am paid just N150,000, multiply it by the amount of movies I have done. Now, multiply that with what I will do in an entire year, of course I can conveniently buy this car. It is funny the way people look at us in this industry and think we are poor people. I heard that as at the time Tonto Dike bought her Hummer Jeep, she was charging N400,000 upward. In a month, Tonto can shoot six movies. So multiply that N400,000 by six in a month. Even if she doesn’t have the whole money for the car of her choice, she can deposit half of the money with a dealer and they will give her the car because she is a star. So, people need to understand all this whenever they want to criticize us.”


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