#Photos: Sandy wears Posh

Sandra Bullock wore Victoria Beckham to the premiere of The Heat in London last night. I’m really into this dress, especially the back in that it’s supposed to look like your bra is exposed. Unfortunately, the shoes. I can’t with the chains. It’s too much of a night out in Vegas by Kanye West’s girlfriend.

Did you know that The Heat 2 is already in production? They film hasn’t even been released yet but two months ago a sequel was approved.

Sandy went out for dinner after the event. Too bad it wasn’t with George Clooney who’s been in England shooting The Monuments Men. She and George worked together on Gravity, opening in the fall. A trailer for the film was posted last month — click here for a refresher. It looked good…but terrifying. So, if The Heat can deliver, and Gravity is as impressive as people hope it will be, Sandy might have a repeat of 2009 when she kicked ass at the box office with The Proposal and finished the year with a drama in The Blind Side.

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